Monday, 2 February 2015


'Give a girl a good lipstick and she can conquer the world'

Well, in this book I want you to buy the lipstick, wear it, work it, then send me a selfie of you with it...

It was around this time last year I started forming ideas for a second MAP book. I'd been asked by my publishers to think of a theme and direction for the next book in the series. I never dreamed I'd get a second book option so this was HUGE. Originally, I wanted to go down the old road of dating and relationships, however, I also have a decade of working in womens wear retail under my belt and so MAP MY STYLE (Huck & Pucker) was born. 

Well, originally it was MAP MY WARDROBE. Then MAP MY FASHION....I settled on STYLE because I wanted the book to focus on fashion but to still make the reader feel inspired afterwards. The point of MMS isn't about giving yourself a huge makeover, it's about embracing and loving yourself for who you are whilst also putting together killer outfits and utilising some spectacular Hairography on a daily basis!

The book is split into seven bad ass chapters. I will take you through a 16 piece definitive capsule wardrobe, a collection of different fashion themes and how to style them, an intense exercise on 'Style Scenarios' (WHAT will you wear to that job interview tomorrow again?!) and there's even a double page spread where you list how many shoes you own. THINK OF ALL THOSE SHOES!

My first book was a unique experience, still to this day baffles me I have a book out. I also learnt so much from it! For MMS I added more pages of quotes. Everyone loves a feel good quote right? Well this book is all about the postivity vibes y'all! I also have MORE illustrations in it. The book probably has a good 40% increase in doodles in it. I mean, I totally made that figure up off the top of my head but I'm sure it's kinda right. 

Now, I have styled so many beautiful shapes and sizes and am constantly in awe of the idea that some people have set in their fashion brain 'I.CAN'T.WEAR.THAT'. Yes you can. I will make you! I have seen many clients refuse to be styled with the options I have laid before them, and then with a cheeky wink and a dash of charm I've got them wearing a cobalt blue jumpsuit which they look AMAZING in. And then after a long baited silence looking in the mirror you hear those words ' I actually look nice in it'. YES LOVE YOU DO!

My MMS women come in all shapes and sizes. They're classy yet sassy and love the way they look! I wanted to represent as many body shapes as I could in the book. Due to certain chapters and the sequence I couldn't fit in as many figurative illustrations as I wanted, however, that's where this blog comes in! I intend to illustrate key season looks (inspired by the high street and catwalk queens) but onto my kind of MMS ladies. 

Even if you haven't picked up a copy of the book yet you can still connect with Stylers across the UK! Anytime you upload a selfie or picture of THAT brand new fedora onto Instagram? Use #MAPMYSTYLE. I like to think that in a few months readers can search that hashtag and find a huge wealth of visuals from #ootd posts to book spreads to inspirational quotes. Let's take MMS and get it social baby! I too will be uploading my own fashion looks and I'll be tagging fashion bloggers with my hashtag to share their wardrobe inspiration with you all!

Hopefully I haven't given too much away but just enough to tease you! All you need to do now is pick up a copy right? You can do that from the Huck & Pucker website HERE

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