Sunday, 3 May 2015


Prom season is JUST around the corner and I've picked my favourite prom princesses from the movies to help model my favourite high street prom looks. It's not all about the big dresses nowadays, mix it up with a jumpsuit or add some edge with a biker jacket! So I've got both Sandy and Rizzo in ASOS. I really like the cut out of Rizzo's dress, perfect for some hot stepping on the dance floor with Kenicky right?! As for Sandy, I kept her biker jacket for added sass and put her in this mini bandeau dress, with a cool pop of yellow. I ditched the lycra catsuit. If anyone is ever pulling off a lycra catsuit it's the pink Power Ranger. End off. 

Get Rizzo's dress HERE
Get Sandy's dress HERE

For me, Janis is THE stand out character in Mean Girls. How can you not love a girl who turns up to the senior prom with her best gay friend in matching purple tuxedos?! I've retained Janis' tailored vibes with this stunning Culotte Bandeau Jumpsuit from Warehouse. I like to think these days Janis would have a damn fine Scarlet Johansson style sweeping crop cut and some killer red lipstick....'Let's rock this b##ch!'

Skip ahead and press play on Sixpence None The Richer's 'Kiss Me' for this outfit! She's All That was one of my go to films growing up. It's got dancing, banter, hideous 2000's hair fails and Lil' Kim. The BEST part is when Laney has her big bad ass makeover (they take off her glasses which honestly, I think she looked better with...) and she comes down the stairs while Freddie Prinze Jnr's 'insert jock hero name here' stands and watches. She looks AWESOME. Now this isn't the 'prom' moment in the film , that's later on, but this stunning dark red Structured Lace Dress from TOPSHOP is beauts. You hardly need any accessories as all the lace does the work for you baby! All together now, 'Kissss meeeeeeeeee'

Did you know Romy and Michelle invented post its? Honest truth. While they attend a high school reunion in the film, they do have a flashback prom moment. Cue Cyndi Lauper please. Romy's dress is all about making a statement. It's the perfect Spring/Summer staple for the wedding season and you can still style this up for a night out later in the year! Michelle's dress is simple yet totally over styled with hot pink shoes and potentially the best every alternative to a posh clutch if I have ever seen one. It's blue and fluffy. What's not to like right?! 

Both dresses from River Island. Romy's look is HERE
and Michelle's dress is HERE with her bag HERE

Don't forget you can MAP out not just your prom style, but all your style, in my new interactive fashion journal, MAP MY STYLE

Saturday, 18 April 2015


She is the baddest beotch in Kings Landing. How could I NOT do a style session on Cersei Lannister to celebrate the new season of Game of Thrones?! Now sit back, arch those brows, fill that wine goblet and enjoy...#WinterIsComingBitches

Sunday, 5 April 2015



Both Images - JASON LOCKE (@LilyKitten1 and @IrenaDWorld

My #OOTD was some pastel realness. This photo was taken at the WAREHOUSE Urban Garden Party held on the same day. The bloggers did their custom tees and then we took them upstairs to enjoy the selfie frame, Toni & Guy hair specialists, new season stock AND cute potted plants you got free with a goodie bag on any purchase over £70. How much do I want to take this selfie frame home? SO BLOODY MUCH.

Next, I was interviewed by L'Oreal from Manchester Confidential. She is such a stunner and a beaut and so lovely to draw! As she's a journalist I went for 'Diana Ross meets Lois Lane' kinda vibe. Check out her write up HERE. Miz Blackett is definitely the kind of girl I could easily have a cocktail or 15 with.

Image Credit - JASON LOCKE

To summarise, the weekend was a big success. Everybody worked mega hard on this event to make it work and I think we totally pulled it off! A big THANK YOU to MayNineteen, Luma Printing, The Refinery and of course, Manchester Arndale for making this happen!!

MAP MY STYLE couldn't be left out of this could it? HELL NO. Thanks Waterstones Arndale for the table promo.

NOW ONTO THE BLOGGERS, here's just a few of the write ups :

Special mentions to Lucy from 'Lightscamerafeathers' wearing her custom #TrendsIllustrated tee and doing a shoot with it the next day! Mermaid and dino combo? WINNING. Read all about it HERE

 ROCK ON HOLLY has sooooo many great photos from it!

It was Laura and Hannah's FIRST ever big blogging events. Go see what they had to say - 



You can also WATCH a write up on the event with Elizabeth from Nelly&Noopy :)

(I know not everyone has written posts/vlogged/shot their custom tees yet - when you do give me a shout and I'll add you to this list! )

SO it's a week since 'Trends Illustrated' took place at Manchester Arndale and this is the FIRST time I've had to sit and update this blog! I have never been so busy recently, so if updates are slow, gimme a nudge right?

The Saturday morning was fantastic. I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the bloggers who came to the event. I'm going to keep this post short as I think the bloggers have done fantastic write ups on how they
responded to the event and the custom tees they made

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


'Trends Illustrated' has been a fantastic project to work on! The event takes place THIS weekend (28th - 29th March) at Manchester Arndale. Spend over £60 on fashion/beauty/accessories and you can claim and CREATE your own custom t-shirt. The YrStore machines have a quick learning curve where you can create any kind of colour or layout you want. A repeat pattern of donuts and unicorns with a yellow background? DONE. I've already tested these machines and think they're fantastic. I've also created a LOT of exclusive illustrations for customers to use, expand, repeat and colour over. THIS IS GONNA BE SO COOL. 

THE TEES - Unisex oversized tee for men and women OR cropped tee for those that dare to bare.
WHEN - This weekend March 28th-29th at Manchester Arndale
WHERE - Located in Exchange Square opposite Next and River Island
WHAT AM I WEARING? I have no clue.
So as someone who does love a printed tee, how about I take you through 16 different ways to style/wear/outfit build these bad boys? Can you think of any others?!

Damn it I know how to work a camera like a BHS catalogue pro.

Also, how about a sneak peek at just SOME of the illustrations for the tees? These are just a tiny selection!

If you want to know more about this weekends #TrendsIllustrated then head over to HERE

Show me your style and post your pics to Instagram and Twitter using #TrendsIllustrated 
Insta - @domandink @manchesterarndale
Twitter - @dom_and_ink @manarndale

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


MAP MY STYLE has been slowing hitting UK stores the past few days. No matter where you grab your copy from, the first thing I wanna see? A #BOOKSELFIE y'all! You can order your copy directly from



Monday, 2 February 2015


'Give a girl a good lipstick and she can conquer the world'

Well, in this book I want you to buy the lipstick, wear it, work it, then send me a selfie of you with it...

It was around this time last year I started forming ideas for a second MAP book. I'd been asked by my publishers to think of a theme and direction for the next book in the series. I never dreamed I'd get a second book option so this was HUGE. Originally, I wanted to go down the old road of dating and relationships, however, I also have a decade of working in womens wear retail under my belt and so MAP MY STYLE (Huck & Pucker) was born. 

Well, originally it was MAP MY WARDROBE. Then MAP MY FASHION....I settled on STYLE because I wanted the book to focus on fashion but to still make the reader feel inspired afterwards. The point of MMS isn't about giving yourself a huge makeover, it's about embracing and loving yourself for who you are whilst also putting together killer outfits and utilising some spectacular Hairography on a daily basis!

The book is split into seven bad ass chapters. I will take you through a 16 piece definitive capsule wardrobe, a collection of different fashion themes and how to style them, an intense exercise on 'Style Scenarios' (WHAT will you wear to that job interview tomorrow again?!) and there's even a double page spread where you list how many shoes you own. THINK OF ALL THOSE SHOES!

My first book was a unique experience, still to this day baffles me I have a book out. I also learnt so much from it! For MMS I added more pages of quotes. Everyone loves a feel good quote right? Well this book is all about the postivity vibes y'all! I also have MORE illustrations in it. The book probably has a good 40% increase in doodles in it. I mean, I totally made that figure up off the top of my head but I'm sure it's kinda right. 

Now, I have styled so many beautiful shapes and sizes and am constantly in awe of the idea that some people have set in their fashion brain 'I.CAN'T.WEAR.THAT'. Yes you can. I will make you! I have seen many clients refuse to be styled with the options I have laid before them, and then with a cheeky wink and a dash of charm I've got them wearing a cobalt blue jumpsuit which they look AMAZING in. And then after a long baited silence looking in the mirror you hear those words ' I actually look nice in it'. YES LOVE YOU DO!

My MMS women come in all shapes and sizes. They're classy yet sassy and love the way they look! I wanted to represent as many body shapes as I could in the book. Due to certain chapters and the sequence I couldn't fit in as many figurative illustrations as I wanted, however, that's where this blog comes in! I intend to illustrate key season looks (inspired by the high street and catwalk queens) but onto my kind of MMS ladies. 

Even if you haven't picked up a copy of the book yet you can still connect with Stylers across the UK! Anytime you upload a selfie or picture of THAT brand new fedora onto Instagram? Use #MAPMYSTYLE. I like to think that in a few months readers can search that hashtag and find a huge wealth of visuals from #ootd posts to book spreads to inspirational quotes. Let's take MMS and get it social baby! I too will be uploading my own fashion looks and I'll be tagging fashion bloggers with my hashtag to share their wardrobe inspiration with you all!

Hopefully I haven't given too much away but just enough to tease you! All you need to do now is pick up a copy right? You can do that from the Huck & Pucker website HERE

Feel free to comment and ask any questions!